Our services are designed to meet our clients' language needs.

TechnoDoc Translations is thought to be a multinational business with the mission of providing quality, fast and cost-effective translation and localization services to local and global companies, international providers and individuals in general. TechnoDoc Translations is committed to excellence and accuracy in all linguistic solutions offered to the customers.

The use of Project Management Software, Translation Memories, and Terminology Management Applications guaranty the production of high-quality and consistent translations and at the same time allow us to reduce turnaround times and lower costs. Our quality is based in making the texts look like written originally for the target market. To do this, we count on a network of translators who are native speakers of the target languages, living and working in the target country. The whole infrastructure is thought to help you open the doors of foreign markets for your products and services.

Turnaraound Times

Turnaround time depends on the number of words and style of language. We generally deliver small documents (up to 5000 words) in 48-72 hours (working days). 

Large projects are generally handled by several translators working in close collaboration. To ensure consistency, we use special CAT tools, project management, glossary building and quality checks. The final turnaround time will be established upon the receipt of the document. We guarantee that the deadline will be met, provided that our lines of communication remain open.

In order to provide you with a reliable and accurate quote, we need as much information as possible on your requirements. Our translation rates are very competitive and our prices depend on several factors:

  • Source and target languages.

  • Delivery deadline.

  • Technicality of the text.

  • Total volume

  • One-time translation or ongoing project.

  • Other

After analyzing your texts, we will contact you with a precise offer.

We Speak your Customer's Language.

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